Jargon or Shared Vocabulary?

Jargon can be very helpful. At its best, jargon is shorthand for a complex idea. It allows humans to communicate about new topics, niche topics and sophisticated topics. That is jargon at its best though. Jargon is helpful when both people understand the vocabulary. In fact, we might just call that a shared vocabulary instead of … Continue reading Jargon or Shared Vocabulary?

Doing vs Thinking

Doing is carrying out a series of tasks. Thinking is reflecting on what tasks should be carried out. It includes questions like: Why are you doing these tasks? Is there a better way to do them? Should you redefine these tasks? When I was younger, I foolishly thought the relationship between doing and thinking was linear. Someone spends … Continue reading Doing vs Thinking

Monopoly Strategy

Monopoly is one of my favorite games. It is just the right mixture of probability, deal making, strategy and numbers. Monopoly is a game of working with luck and other people. My key philosophy is: Do things that maximize your chance of winning. Most people play to avoid losing. However, nobody cares about 2nd place. … Continue reading Monopoly Strategy