Caffeine Consumption

This is a “Science of 1” post. I have experimented a lot with my caffeine consumption. Until the age of 20, I never drank coffee. When I studied abroad in Spain, I started drinking coffee for the cultural elements of it. After getting a summer internship,  I started drinking coffee daily to help me focus … Continue reading Caffeine Consumption

The Science of 1 Person

One reason evolution is amazing is that incorporates knowledge into our species. However, it is slow and a lot of people live suboptimal lives waiting for our biology to adapt. Fortunately, humans, unlike other species can adapt to the world quicker than evolution through science. We can observe the world and learn from our environment … Continue reading The Science of 1 Person

Best and Worst

Sometimes, it feels like each day is roughly equal in it’s impact on the entirety of life. Like a game of basketball, sometimes you are up or down. Sometimes by a little or a lot. However, the pace is relatively stable. The score only changes by 1-4 points per play. Even giving up the maximum four point play … Continue reading Best and Worst

Offsetting Mistakes

When I look back on any activity that I’ve done, I always look for ways I could do it better. Usually the first question is: did I do a good job on that activity or do I need to completely rethink my approach? The biggest clue I get is the outcome of the activity. For … Continue reading Offsetting Mistakes

The Measurability Trap

Many people, especially those affected by the information age, fall into the framework of preferring a mediocre option with clear data instead of an unknown option. For instance, projects get funded by corporations when their champion can show reasonable market data and compelling ROI projections as compared to projects with uncertainty. In some ways, this … Continue reading The Measurability Trap