About Eddie

This blog exists because writing helps me clarify my thoughts and get feedback. Being wrong is the only way to eventually get a few things right. Everything on here is A Working Theory and subject to revision. This is why I think it is valuable to have theories. Feel free to send feedback to ewharton6 at gmail.

My current work is Ecommerce Data Science and Analytics at Warby Parker. I live around New York City. Previously, I worked as a Data Scientist at Dinner Lab (RIP) as a member of the 2014 class of Venture For America.

Outside of work, I love going to comedy shows, cooking, sailing and costume parties.

2 thoughts on “About Eddie

  1. No more thoughts? It’s an unfortunate fact that as soon as I find a blog worth reading on the internet, it is either no longer being updated, or it happens to be the final post. Days late and dollars short.

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