Watch the Throne: Fred Wilson’s A VC Blog Examined with USV’s Thesis

2 thoughts on “Watch the Throne: Fred Wilson’s A VC Blog Examined with USV’s Thesis”

  1. Good stuff…but a personal thought:

    “They would probably take a lower valuation from USV because they want to work with them” <- that's just crazy talk…any reasonable company would not take a lower valuation just to work with USV…they *might* take a lower valuation because of some other advantage USV brings to the table for them (i.e. strong hooks into the market/network that your company can benefit from)…but it better more than make up for the difference in valuation…it just wouldn't make any sense to do it just because they seem like enjoyable people to spend time with.

    I think Fred (and USV by extension) benefit greatly from the popularity and engagement on … but I think that's mostly because he's done the hard work consistently for years and for the right reasons (ie. it wasn't about building something to benefit USV directly or intentionally, it was about using a tool to help himself get a better understanding/connection).

    The new site is a happy side-effect that is made possible because of the attention and engagement that the years of blogging and reputation building all the partners at USV have put in…but it's still not a given that it will work (it's really up to the community to build it into something great and engaging that we can all benefit from)…I think it's got a great shot, but it's still too early to declare I think…

    1. Kevin – I appreciate the thoughtful comment. I completely agree that nobody will take a lower valuation just because they like the people. I think the people add a lot of value. If founders do not feel they add value, they would not get a lower valuation.

      At the same time, other non-USV people can add value as well. However, A VC is a great way to let people see the value that Fred can offer through content that demonstrates past success, market insights and a valuable network. They also get to see how engaging Fred is to people who comment.

      My thoughts on are equal parts prediction and hope.

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