Solving For Place

My last 5 text messages went to people in 4 different states. My friends and family are spread out across the country. I grew up in one place and went to college in another. My first job was in a different city and then I moved again for my second job. The people I spend the most time with are those that live near me. As a system, geographic convenience is a very random way to allocate my time. How can I do better? Or, at the very least, how can I maintain friendship regardless of current location?

My friend, Ryan, started sending out a weekly email called a “Week Ahead”. It’s a way to stay in touch, share life and stay top(ish) of mind with close friends. When I spent two years in NOLA, I still felt like Ryan was with me. Even better, when I did see Ryan on a trip to NYC, we could skip the small talk. We already knew the general facts of each others’ lives. Instead, we could focus on the context of those event and the emotional complexity surrounding them. I did this for a while and then stopped. I’m starting again.

Another friend of mine periodically calls me on his walk home from work. I like that. I also just generally like phone calls as a way to talk to people.

Do other people have suggestions for the best way to stay in touch across geographies?

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