My Favorite Books

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Books”

  1. I think one of the central points of The Lean Startup, which is often left out of discussing the book, is the importance of having a testable hypothesis. It allows you to know when you’re meeting or not meeting your goals.

    1. Very fair point. I agree with Marc Andreessen’s quote that the lean startup is like the startup theory of relativity. Identifying and testing you’re riskiest, mission critical assumptions is essential to spending as little money as possible to test an idea. I also really like Trevor Owen’s work with Lean Startup Machine to put these ideas into practice and make them accessible.

      1. I once had the opportunity to participate in the Lean Startup Machine and didn’t take it. Seems like an all around good experience – have you participated in one?

      2. I did not. However, I took a Skillshare led by Trevor. He was very helpful. He also has given me some great advice via email. If you have another opportunity, I recommend doing something with him / LSM.

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