The Limits Of Quantitative Tools

“It can do anything”, is rarely something knowledgable people say about a tool. This is especially true of quantitative tools. The people who best understand a tool, also understand its limits. That doesn’t mean they are bad at using a tool. Often, they know what other skills will complement the limits of the tool. They canContinue reading “The Limits Of Quantitative Tools”

Experience Puts Emotions into Context

Whenever I see someone do something that looks difficult or near impossible, I always wonder what their emotions are like. When Barack Obama gives a speech seen by millions or when an NBA player shoots a buzzer beating shot in a playoff game. What are they thinking? How are they not crushed by the weight ofContinue reading “Experience Puts Emotions into Context”

Book Recommendation: When Breath Becomes Air

When Breath Becomes Air is simply one of the best books I’ve ever read. {spoiler alert} I’ve read a number of fantastic books about life, death, mortality and human’s search for meaning. Some of them make great points and offer compelling insights. However, they are all written for an audience. They are all bound byContinue reading “Book Recommendation: When Breath Becomes Air”

The Science of 1 Person

One reason evolution is amazing is that incorporates knowledge into our species. However, it is slow and a lot of people live suboptimal lives waiting for our biology to adapt. Fortunately, humans, unlike other species can adapt to the world quicker than evolution through science. We can observe the world and learn from our environmentContinue reading “The Science of 1 Person”

Choose People, Don’t Chase Circumstances

Life is a series of events that we go through. Often, we try very hard to control what those events will be. Or at least we try to make sure certain positive events are part of the list. Those positive events could include having a company we work for IPO, winning a prize, getting married, buyingContinue reading “Choose People, Don’t Chase Circumstances”