The Measurability Trap

Many people, especially those affected by the information age, fall into the framework of preferring a mediocre option with clear data instead of an unknown option. For instance, projects get funded by corporations when their champion can show reasonable market data and compelling ROI projections as compared to projects with uncertainty. In some ways, thisContinue reading “The Measurability Trap”

Advertising Done Right: Trust and Jason Calacanis

I recently spoke with someone who does digital advertising and I told her I probably have not clicked on a banner ad (intentionally) since I was 12. She admitted the same. I consider TV commercials a suggestion to talk with friends, check Twitter or find a snack. Honestly, I find most ads to be un-trustworthy,Continue reading “Advertising Done Right: Trust and Jason Calacanis”

Startup Success Comes From a Psychology or a Technology Insight

What makes one startup more successful than another? A large part of the answer is team and timing. However, startups should also have a unique insight on the world. This insight is a psychological one or an engineering one. Psychological insights are things Facebook, which exploits voyeuristic nature of social interaction. (on a higher level, FBContinue reading “Startup Success Comes From a Psychology or a Technology Insight”

I Want To Stop Passive Media Consumption

At the end of every day, I try to make a list of the things I accomplished. It helps me monitor myself and to make sure that I am producing value instead of finding activities that make me feel “busy”. On days when I felt like I was productive, but realized I accomplished very little,Continue reading “I Want To Stop Passive Media Consumption”

First Mover To Satisfy Customers Advantage

Simple first mover advantage is quickly becoming obsolete, especially in the tech world. Being the first company to push a product out is not significantly more advantageous than being the first person to have an idea (which is not considered an advantage). However, I have observed that the first mover to satisfy a customer willContinue reading “First Mover To Satisfy Customers Advantage”

We Are Absolutists Living in a Relative World

Last year, I had a networking call where I spoke with a senior professional in the industry I was targeting at the time (investment banking). Let’s call him Tim. Tim was asking me standard questions like “Why banking?”. While delivering a genuine answer, he stopped me and told me that everyone says what I hadContinue reading “We Are Absolutists Living in a Relative World”