Accelerated Decline: Network Effects on FB’s Way Down

To start, this is not another Facebook-is-more-ephemeral-than-Snapchat, look-at-how-good-I-am-at-wordplay post. Also, Facebook is not dead. Just look at their mobile monetization success. However, when Facebook loses part of a group of people, the rest of the group will disappear simply because the first part did. Sounds similar to the network effects that got those people toContinue reading “Accelerated Decline: Network Effects on FB’s Way Down”

Smart Playlist: We Will Program Everything

I just used iTunes smart playlists for the first time and it has vastly improved my iPhone music experience. Not coincidentally, I have also been learning how to program. My music flow is to download a bunch of new music and go through my recently added playlist a bunch of times. Eventually I find songsContinue reading “Smart Playlist: We Will Program Everything”

How I Wrote This Blog Post Efficiently

Do one thing at a time. The idea is so simple, but the execution is so difficult. I always have a lot of things I want to get done. However, I do not always get a lot of things done. I think the appeal of “multi tasking” is twofold. The first reason is the followingContinue reading “How I Wrote This Blog Post Efficiently”

Watch the Throne: Fred Wilson’s A VC Blog Examined with USV’s Thesis

Union Square Ventures is a very successful venture capital firm and they make thesis driven investments. There are many great companies that make bad venture capital investments. USV’s thesis is a great filter to sort out between good companies and good investments. One of the partners, Brad Burnham best summarized the thesis as this: “LargeContinue reading “Watch the Throne: Fred Wilson’s A VC Blog Examined with USV’s Thesis”

Negotiating More Than You Bargained For

There are two all-important elements of a negotiation in general and at startups in particular: what you can get and what you should get during a negotiation. What can you get? Negotiations have a lot to do with leverage, perception and both parties’ BATNA’s (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement). Roughly, in a negotiation, yourContinue reading “Negotiating More Than You Bargained For”

To The Distributors Go The Spoils: Why Netflix & Amazon Will Win

The distributors that control consumers’ preferred distribution channels will win the entertainment media business. Nobody likes to buy bundled Cable content. However, the content we all like can only be gotten through bundled cable, for now. I love digital distribution channels such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu for entertainment media because I canContinue reading “To The Distributors Go The Spoils: Why Netflix & Amazon Will Win”

Binge Releasing TV Show Kills Buzz, but Makes Customers Happy: A Dilemma

Digital distributors of content are moving into original content creation and will likely beat cable companies. (I wrote about the topic here). However, there are two primary strategies for releasing their original content: binge and weekly. Which one is the best? This choice can affect the success and audience size of a show. Before assessingContinue reading “Binge Releasing TV Show Kills Buzz, but Makes Customers Happy: A Dilemma”